Fee’s and Packages

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Fee's and Packages

We offer two different types of service models

  • Customised Contingency packages.
  • Customised Retained agreement.


Customised Contingency packages


Contingency – recruiters are paid only after the recruiter finds a candidate the client wants to hire. It is based on a No Placement – No Fee situation. The fee is typically paid on the first day of employment and is based on percentage of first year’s annual salary.

We offer three different contingency packages – Basic, Plus+ and Premium. Each package has been carefully put together to fit the client’s needs based on urgency and budget.

Customised Retained agreement


Retained – In retained searches, there is typically a fee paid upfront which retains the services of the recruiter and the remainder being paid upon completion.

The retained agreement gives clients exclusive priority over those who choose the contingency model because the client has shown us commitment by paying the upfront fee. Retained agreements are popular among clients with multiple hires or are looking for the ‘hard to find people’ i.e. senior levels.

*Retained agreements only apply to the Plus+ and Premium contingency packages.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

“Colux, Colux, Colux, all I can say about Colux is they DO what they say they’re going to do, and that is to deliver every single time! The consultants at Colux have such a unity, it’s incredible. They communicated so effectively to ensure we got the best out of their service and the BEST service is exactly what we got!”

CEO - Independent advertising technology company

“We had been searching for a Senior DevOps engineer for Four months. We had plenty of CV’s but they were no good, we needed that Rockstar candidate, one that could inspire his peers! Thanks to Colux, we now have a Rockstar who is already setting the benchmark at our company. We admire Colux’s persistence to find this almost impossible candidate”

Head of DevOps - Global real-time advertising platform

“With so much to do in our daily activities we just can not find the time for recruitment, that is where Colux helped us. They are our dedicated external partner for talented developers, they listen well and deliver quickly, because of this they understand our needs as if it were their own company and now we have the best developers to make our business grow”

CTO - Online gaming company

Am I going to be tied into a contract?

Absolutely not! We work on a ‘No Placement No Fee’ business model meaning we only charge a fee for a successful placement. As with all our packages, no deposit or upfront fee is paid until the candidate starts working for you.

What are the payment terms?

We ask for 7 day payment terms after the candidate has started working for you.

Do you screen the CVs?

We certainly do. We hold a thorough in-house screening process to ensure the applicants we send over for review are a good fit. Depending on which package you choose, a thorough screening process could mean that the candidates will have to sit a technical and personality test before submission.

Can I upgrade (or downgrade)?

Of course – we have the 3 levels to choose from, which evaluates your company size, budget and growth plans.

What about if we need help with multiple hires?

If you want to increase staff, it might be a good idea to choose one our packages on a RPO basis. Many Recruitment agencies are working on a ‘no placement no fee’ business model so to get our full commitment we can offer our retained service, we ask for a small deposit upfront which shows our full commitment to each other.

What is the rebate period?

We do not offer a rebate period, purely because the decision to make the hire lies with you and we cannot guarantee a replacement. If you would like a rebate period, then that’s something you can get in our full package.